SGD: Day 25 (450 calories)

I know that today is 500 calories and tomorrow is actually 450 but I’ve decided to switch them around because I knew I wouldn’t be doing much exercise today and also that tomorrow I would staying at my Grandmas and consuming more- either way I’m just trying to not count calories tomrrow.

Crustless bread- 50

Butter- 20

Poached egg- 70

Crustless bread- 50

Butter- 70

Apple- nc

Tsp cinnamon- 6

Salad leaves- nc

Total= 266

Workout= 200 jumping jacks, some ab stretches 

SGD: Day 23 (300 calories)

Oats- 132

Banana slices added up to- 8

Cous cous- 90

Roasted veggies- not counted

Chick peas- 60

Total= 290

Workout= Jumping jacks 

SGD: Day 22 (400 calories)

Oats- 121

Semi skimmed milk- 5

Wholemeal wrap (mex Discovery)- 109

Veggies- not counted

Pizza topping- 25

Anchovies- 25

Salted popcorn- 115

Total= 400

Workout= jumping jacks, can’t remember how many, 800 I think…  

2nd SGD: Day 16 (300 calories)

Coffee- 0

Bread + butter- 80

Tangerine- fnc

Weight watchers tomato soup (very filling)- 77 (half purged)

Cake slice- 293

Total= 450

(400 jumping jacks (-200 calories) badminton (-90))

Net total= 106

2nd SGD: Day 15 (400 calories)

My mum made me oatmeal for breakfast. She made it wrong. Too much milk. Too much oatmeal. I hate it when people try to make something for me. I make things for myself. I love her and all but I hate not knowing what goes into my food. I control my diet. Me, ok? I decide what goes into my body. I didn’t even say i wanted oatmeal. It just put me in a really bad mood, especially when my mum got all upset when I wouldn’t eat. Finally I ate it after draining all the milk out. I think it still must have had 100ml though. So…

Quaker oats- 121

Semi skimmed milk (100ml)- 49

1.5 Boiled courgette- 27

Ragu Tomato sauce- 53 

Peanut butter- 95

Total= 355

Workout- something hundred jumping jacks and some muscle exercises. 

2nd SGD: Day 12 (450 calories)

Danish bread- 57

Flora lighter than light butter- 9

Morrocan style cous cous- 92

Tofu (I hated it)- about 20 since I only had a mouthful and was like ‘ew’

Option hot chocolate- 39

Squirty cream from Anchor- 55

Random calories- 100

mini marshmallows- idek, it says it would be 32

Total= 403

Workout= 400 jumping jacks, some stretches and muscle workouts. 

2nd SGD: Day 10 (400 calories)

Home made smoothie, from raspberries, a banana and 80g non fat yoghurt- 59 (fnc)

Cauliflower mashed with onions-veg not counted

Fried 1/2 courgette and 1/2 pepper- veg not counted

Low fat cottage cheese- 19

Half an oatmeal and raisin cookie- 110

Icecream- 155

Total= 343

Workout= 400 jumping jacks, some simple muscle workouts

Not too bad apart from the fact my mum got angry when I didn’t eat all of the mushed mashed mushed cauliflower and onion because I just didn’t have an appetite for it. It really annoys me how often my mum eats icecream though, I’m trying to stay away from it but it’s soooo difficult when I’m sitting there with her. Definitely no more until at least next week.

2nd SGD: Day 6 (650 calories)

Oats- 121

semi skimmed milk- 25

Raspberries- fnc

Blueberries- fnc

Salmon fillets- 215 (I think)

Egg fried rice- 163 (I’m not totally sure but it was a pretty small portion I think this is about right :/

Total= 524

Workout: Squash (non full intensity) for 40 minutes, 400 jumping jacks

2nd SGD: Day 5 (450 calories)

Blueberries- fnc

Oat So Simple Honey and Almond Oats- 121

Semi Skimmed Milk-35

Low Calorie Sugar Cookie- 63

Low Calorie Peanut Butter- 33

Vegetable Stir Fry- not counted (all veg) 

Ben & Jerry’s Icecream- 184

Total= 436

Workout= 10 minute run, 400 jumping jacks

:I was off today and had a blood test done again, wasn’t very comfortable but on the bright side I’ve been doing more sit ups and longer lunges: 

2nd SGD: Day 4 (500 calories)

Onken fat free yoghurt - 72
Red pepper- fnc
Humus- 79
Grapes- fnc
Bread- 165
Philadelphia extra light cream spread- 22 
Ham- 35
Watermelon- fnc
Total= 370

Workout= barley anything, I was ill and went home from school today, I’m going back to the doctors tomorrow for a blood test, which will be fairly pointless. I was hoping on going to the gym tonight and getting a long workout but no my stomach doesn’t like that. Oooh and if anyone wants to add me on myfitnesspal where you can also see my food dairy with fruit+veg calories included then add me! :) -cinnamonremembralls